Home Greeting Card Business
Do you know anyone who doesn't send greeting cards, at least occasionally?
 If they don't, it's for three reasons: 
           1. It's too time consuming
           2. It's inconvenient
           3. It costs too much
 This is a special message for
         who wants to earn money from
        the comfort and convenience
                       of  HOME!
You are at this website because you saw the movie theater ad on screen, and are looking for a real way 
to make money from home.
SendOutCards is a legitimate 
brick-and-mortar company, based in 
Salt Lake City, that has been in business for about 10 years.
Their program is all about showing other people how to create greeting cards on ANY computer - that's it - 
that's the key to making money as a SendOutCards distributor!
Please note: These ARE NOT 
sent via the U.S. Postal Service.. 
If you, or anyone you introduce to SendOutCards, can do e-mail, 
then using the SendOutCards 
system is a breeze.
There are two simple things necessary to be successful:
1. Send Cards
2. Show others how to Send Cards
As a distributor, there is:
1. NO Selling   
       2. NO Inventory       
             3. NO Invoicing             
To learn more, click on this link:
1. Then click on "Show MeThe Opportunity" and Watch the Video
(which runs for about 5 minutes) and explains the program and what to do to get started.
2. Then click On "Send A Card" you can actually send a real greeting card to someone, free of charge, guided by the company CEO, 
Kody Bateman
3. Watch the other videos for more information
If you're still intrigued, contact me
at 1-888-345-6237 to answer any questions, and help you send a free card if you haven't yet done so. 
You will create a card on your own computer.....and
SendOutCards will do the rest:
                     1. Print it
                     2. Stuff it
                     3. Address it
                     4. Stamp it
                     5. Mail it
Distributor cost for a greeting card 
is .62 (or .93 for a card with 
unlimited photos in it). 
There is also a retail option for people who want to use the system, but aren't necessarily interested in starting a business. Their cost is slightly higher. However.....
Everyone who tries the SendOutCards system loves it!!!
 Do not be dismayed by the complexity of the compensation program. The basics of being a distributor are simple, regardless of how some aspects may look complicated. It's all computer maintained, but getting those checks in the mail is a whole lot of fun!
My wife and I have been users of the SendOutCards system since 2007, and trips to the card store are rare
How convenient it is to sit down at our computer and create a card (we select from about 20,000 varieties), include a gift or gift card, if we choose, and press "Send". We are even alerted two weeks in advance, via e-mail, that a birthday or anniversary is approaching for someone special.
I personally know the system very well, and can explain any aspect of it, including what to do during the holidays for those who want to send hundreds of cards with the push of a button.
If you become a distributor under my sponsorship (enter 29638), my pledge is to always be available to answer questions for you, or anybody you introduce to SendOutCards.

Thank you for your consideration.
David Kaplan